Rue de bretagne
I go there not for the famous market of "Les enfants rouge" but just because my ex lives here ans that's easier to jump accidentally on her.
The police station of the 19th district
Since my ex got a restraining order, I have to visit go there for my judicial review. The coffee is awful but the police officers are pretty nices.

The metro line 3
I know all the habits of my ex girlfriend. She always comes in by the thirs door. I like to sneek behind her and read over her shoulder, smelling her perfume. It's like we're getting back together.
La belle epoque
Not for their famous Pavlova, but because my ex works accross the street. Really useful to watch her lunch date's.
The address
La Belle Epoque,
36 Rue des petits champs,
Paris 2e

Milk Cybercafe
I make all my anonymous phone call from there. I also sent all my declaration bu email and stalk Instagram and Facebook of my ex without any disturb.
The flowershop Stephane Chapelle
They told me recently I'm their best customer. It's true that one bouquet of roses per week, it's a real budget.
The address
Stephane Chapelle,
29 rue de Richelieu,
Paris 1e

Chez Jeannette
I like to sit at the counter and tell the barman about my bad luck. How much I miss Constance, our history, how I count to get her back or why I still love her.
The address
Chez Jeannette,
47 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis,
Paris 10e

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