Atira-te ao Rio
Take the boat to Cais do sobre to Cacilhas (10 min by boat then walk along the Taj ) ! You have to go there early for the "apero" and dinner - an amazing sunset to watch :)
Some advices
Sal Grosso
My favorite bistrot of l'Affama (a very touristic neighborhood - so not easy to find a not tourist restaurant) - Don't forget to book or come early because it's really tiny !
The address
Alfama, Calçada do Forte 22, 1100-256 Lisboa, Portugal

Casa Independente
Hang out, drink, dance, music and Small concert and best cocktails upstairs ! :) You have to go to Evert floor and every room :)
Le snob
Surprising place ! Ring to go in ! For the night birds (late dinner from 10:30 PM). We there for the dandy mood :)
The address

Les plages
And I love to walk on the beaches, barefoot in the Sand. Near Fonta da Telha ou Cova do Vapor !
During the week it look like Brazil, with the tractor on the Beach and the fishing boat. And you can buy your fish right on the boat !

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